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One of my favorite Minneapolis charities is Second Harvest Heartland. They partner with community groups to efficiently combat hunger. How efficient? Every dollar that is donated is turned into $9 worth of food.

So when I found out that Second Harvest was a part of a walk to raise money to end hunger, I now had two of my favorite things together - Second Harvest and exercise.

Nicely enough my family shares my enthusiasm. So the OConnor clan will be walking a 5k at the Mall of America on Thanksgiving morning.

You can help out in many ways. 1. You can join our team and walk with us on Thanksgiving morning. No fundraising needed. Awareness is just as good. And I promise you it will be a blast. 2. You can pray for us and all those who struggle to feed themselves and their families. 3. You can donate to the cause. You can donate online or make a check out to Walk to End Hunger.

Thanks, John

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